5 Rolling Papers To Fit Every Type Of Marijuana Consumption

When you’re looking for a quick and easy way to smoke weed, rolling a joint is always a good choice. However, before you can roll a joint, you need a few things. Having a good grinder and a lighter is always important, but even more importantly, you’re going to need rolling papers to roll a joint.

Rolling papers are the thin, light papers that you can use to make joints, spliffs or even blunts in some cases. While you can buy bare basic rolling papers pretty much anywhere, you might want to check out some of the best rolling papers for marijuana. Some of these make for a better joint and some even add some extra flavor to your roll-ups. Here are 5 Rolling Papers to fit every type of marijuana consumption.

Juicy Jay’s Watermelon Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay’s is one of the biggest and best brands when it comes to marijuana rolling papers. And if you want a joint with an extra kick, you’ll want to check out some of Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers.

One of the best kinds of rolling papers you can use for weed is the Juicy Jay’s Watermelon Rolling Papers. These are perfect for rolling a slim and powerful joint, but they also give you the sweet taste of Watermelon. Each paper is made with Juicy Jay’s triple-dipped flavoring system which makes the papers both flavorful and sweet.

When you roll a joint with one of these, every drag will be sweet and fruity. These papers work particularly well with fruit-flavored strains such as Pineapple Express, Tangerine Dream, and Lemon Walker OG, but they go great with pretty much any strain. They’re also extra lightweight which makes for perfect joints and spliffs.

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Juicy Jay’s Cotton Candy Rolling Papers

Another one of the best offerings from the Juicy Jay’s brand is these Cotton Candy flavored rolling papers. If you want to give your joint an extra sweet taste, these papers are perfect, giving you a flavorful kick that tastes just like Cotton Candy with every drag you take.

Much like other Juicy Jay’s flavored papers, they’re primed for both rich flavor and sweetness. These extra lightweight and 1 ¼ size rolling papers are also very easy to roll, giving you the perfect size for tightly-packed joints that burn easily and taste amazing.

These rolling papers can go well with all kinds of strains. You might enjoy using them with a fruity strain like Strawberry Cough for an extra sweet flavor. However, they can also be great for making earthy strains like Dutch Treat taste sweeter. 

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Juicy Jay’s Root Beer Rolling Papers

If you want something with more of a sweet and spicy flavor, then the Juicy Jay’s Root Beer Rolling Papers are perfect for all your smoking needs. You can roll all kinds of joints and spliffs with these thin and light rolling papers for a roll-up that both burns well and tastes great.

Like other Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers, they’re extra lightweight and 1 ¼ size, making for the perfect, tightly-packed joint. They also use the classic Juicy Jay’s triple-dipped flavoring system, making them extra sweet and flavorful.

If you enjoy the taste of Root Beer, you’ll love the flavor these rolling papers add to your joints. They can complement all kinds of strains well, so whether you prefer OG KushBlack Diamond or something different, you’ll get a great roll-up with these papers. They also give you great value at just $3.25 for a pack of 32.

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Justin Beaver Rolling Hemp Papers

The Justin Beaver Rolling Hemp Papers are another one of the best rolling papers to fit every type of marijuana consumption. They’re thin, light, and most importantly, these papers are made out of hemp which is often considered the best material for rolling papers.

Hemp rolling papers have many benefits. Since they’re made with organic ingredients, they’re perfectly safe to smoke. They also provide a slow-burning effect, meaning that you won’t waste any weed between drags. Plus, they’re slim enough to make for perfect, tightly-rolled joints every time.

Each pack comes with 33 high-quality hemp papers. Not only that, but you’ll also get 33 tips to use for your joints and spliffs. Plus, at just $3.25, you’ll get amazing value for your money. If you’re looking for hemp papers, these are some of the best you can use.

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RAW Organic Rolling Papers

Another one of the most popular and well-known brands for marijuana rolling papers is RAW. RAW papers are widely sought-after due to their high-quality papers that make for some amazing joints. As such, you might want to check out the RAW Organic Rolling Papers.

RAW Papers use hemp, an amazing material to use for any kind of marijuana roll-up. Not only are the papers perfectly thin and light, but they’ll burn slowly to allow for an amazing smoking experience.

Any kind of marijuana smoker will enjoy the quality of these papers. They roll well and burn well, meaning you’ll get a top-quality joint or spliff every time you use them. Plus, at just $2.99 for a whopping 50 leaves in each pack, they’re amazing in terms of value.

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No matter how much you use marijuana, it’s always helpful to have rolling papers on hand. These come in handy for any time you want to make a quick joint for easy smoking. Rolling is also great for social situations when you want to smoke with friends. Plus, rolling papers are so cheap that it’s worth getting a few packs.

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