How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

A weed grinder is one of the most useful accessories for any cannabis smoker. When you buy weed, you’ll get it in the form of thick, dense buds. Grinding your weed up makes it much easier to roll into a joint, as well as making it easier to burn whether you use a bong or pipe. However, there are some occasions where you’ll find yourself needing to smoke without a grinder. Luckily, there are many ways to grind weed without a grinder.

Most of the time you can grind your weed using household equipment. But even if you don’t have anything to use, there’s always the option of just using your hands. Here’s how to grind weed without a grinder in six different ways.

With Your Hands

If you’ve found yourself needing to grind your weed but don’t have a grinder or any other kind of equipment on hand, you can always just go for the good old-fashioned method of using your hands. Naturally, this method won’t give you the finely ground bud that using a grinder would, but it can still get the job done as a last resort when you have no other options.

Simply take your weed and start pulling apart small pieces with your hands. Make sure you have somewhere to put your pulled apart weed so you don’t lose it. It’s easy enough to make small enough pieces to roll into a joint, although it might end up a bit lumpy. You can also use this method pretty effectively if you want to smoke your weed in a pipe or bong.

Using your hands is advantageous for the fact you can do it anywhere and at any time with no need for extra equipment. But as far as quality goes, it’s far from the best and it’ll take much longer than other methods

With Scissors or a Knife

When it comes to grinding weed without a grinder, sometimes using scissors is the most convenient option. After all, most people have some kind of scissors lying around the house. It’s best to use thin scissors such as nail scissors to grind your weed as finely as possible. Whichever scissors you use, make sure you wash them well before you start cutting up your weed.

All you need to do is start cutting up your weed into small pieces with your scissors. It’s best to do this over a table with somewhere to catch your weed such as a container or a piece of paper. It’ll take a bit longer than using a grinder, but it’s a fairly effective way and you can end up with some fairly well-ground weed.

Alternatively, you can also use a knife. Place your weed on a chopping board or something similar and cut it with your knife the same way you would with cooking ingredients. You might need to go over it a couple of times, but it can work pretty well if scissors aren’t an option. Again, make sure your knife is nice and clean before use.

With a Coffee Grinder

If you have a coffee grinder for grinding coffee beans, you can also use it to grind your weed. Coffee Grinders can work just as well for grinding up bud, and it makes for a pretty useful alternative if you don’t have a grinder.

Just like you’d grind your coffee beans, you can put your weed in and start grinding it up to result in some nicely ground weed ready to pack into a joint, bong or pipe. It’s quick, effective, and you’ll end up with some good quality weed to use.

Although this makes for a quick and effective way to grind your weed when you don’t have a grinder, it’s not necessarily the best. Weed and kief can get stuck in your coffee grinder and it can be tricky to clean it all out. You might also end up with your weed smelling of coffee or vice versa, although some users might see this as a bonus. 

With a Mortar and Pestle

If you’ve got some old school kitchen equipment in your house, it might come in clutch for grinding your weed. A Mortar and Pestle (or Pestle and Mortar) can grind your weed for you pretty effectively if you’re low on options.

You can use it just as you would for things like herbs and spices. Put your weed in the mortar and grind it up nicely with the pestle. You can do this for as long as you want to make your ground up weed as fine as you need it. It doesn’t take too long and it’s a fairly effective method for grinding your weed.

In a Blender

Another piece of kitchen equipment you can use is a blender. Many people have these in their kitchen for making juices, smoothies, and shakes, but you can also use them to grind your weed when you’re lacking a grinder.

Just put your weed in and turn the blender on to grind it up, just as you would with any other ingredients. It’s a super-fast method for grinding and you can end up with some very finely ground weed. However, the problem with using a blender is it might grind up your weed too much. Blenders are best used for larger ingredients and are usually a bit too powerful for weed. 

If you use this method, it’s best to use your blender on a low setting for a short amount of time for the best results. It can also be hard to get all of the weed out of the bottom of your blender, and some might end up attached to your blades. Blending your weed can be handy when you’re making cannabis butter or other weed-infused ingredients, but it’s not the best for general grinding.

With a Pill Bottle and Coin

If you need another simple method that uses nothing but household objects, the pill bottle and coin method can work for you. Grab a pill bottle (or similarly small, sealable bottle) and a coin. You’ll want to wash both of these first before using them with your weed.

Once you have everything ready, fill your bottle with your weed, throw the coin in, seal the bottle and shake it up. You’ll want to shake pretty fast, and the longer you shake for, the finer your weed will be. It’s a quick and useful method, but not the best option for grinding your weed.


Realistically, it’s best to always have a grinder handy. Grinders are cheap, quick to use, and designed specifically for giving you high-quality ground up weed. They’re easy to find in cannabis and smoke shops, and you can get a basic grinder for fairly cheap. You can also buy a grinder online.

However, it helps to know how to grind weed without a grinder for those situations where you need an alternative. Whether you forget to take yours with you or simply don’t have one, these six methods can work well for grinding up your weed for use in a joint, blunt, pipe or bong.

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