Streetnames and Nicknames for Marijuana

Marijuana is now legal all over Canada and is becoming more accepted in other countries. You can get it in stores or even buy marijuana online. But one thing that some users may find confusing is the sheer amount of street names and nicknames for marijuana.

Cannabis, marijuana, flower, and weed can all refer to the same thing, although the words differ slightly in their meaning and origin. There are also all kinds of other terms such as chronic, bud, reefer, and more. So what are these terms and where do they come from? Here are some of the most common street names and nicknames for marijuana.


While “420” isn’t explicitly a nickname for marijuana, it’s a term used to talk about cannabis culture in general. You might notice apartment listings including “420 friendly”, which means that smoking marijuana is acceptable. You might even see the term on online dating profiles as a more subtle way to tell people they enjoy marijuana.

The term also refers to April 20th, which is now widely accepted as a holiday to celebrate cannabis and light up. Some users even see 4:20 pm as the best time of the day to smoke weed. 

Although there are various conflicting origin stories, it seems the term originally came from a police code for Marijuana Smoking in Progress and was soon spread by Grateful Dead fans and High Times Magazine. Now, all marijuana enthusiasts are familiar with 420.


One of the most common nicknames for marijuana is “bud”, and it has a fairly simple origin. When referring to parts of the marijuana plant, the flowers are often called buds. These are the parts which contain cannabinoids such as THC, the psychoactive chemical which makes you high. As such, people often use “bud” as a shorter nickname for marijuana.

Bud is often used interchangeably with weed, and some users might ask for an eighth of bud or ask their friends if they want to smoke some bud. Bud can also refer to a small piece of cannabis. For instance, you might break off a bud of marijuana to put into a bowl or pipe.


Chronic is a street name for marijuana, generally used for super high-quality marijuana with high THC content and great bag appeal. The term is common on the West Coast of America, hence why you’ll often hear it used in songs by artists such as Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube. However, chronic has become a commonly used nickname in many other places.

Chronic also refers to a renowned hybrid strain bred by Serious Seeds in Holland which is known for its high resin content. The strain scored 3rd place at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup. However, while it can refer to a specific strain, the term “Chronic” is more often used to refer to any high-quality strain of cannabis, especially those with colorful hairs and plenty of trichomes.


Dope has all kinds of connotations, especially when it comes to drugs. Although “dope” is a slang term to refer to something as cool, it can also refer to marijuana. However, the term is much more old-fashioned and is now more commonly used for drugs such as heroin or cocaine, depending on the area. 

Nowadays, you won’t hear marijuana referred to as dope too often, especially with other more common nicknames street names for marijuana becoming more widely used.


Although names like weed, pot, and ganja are more common when it comes to street names, “flower” is a much more widely used term for marijuana nowadays. It’s especially common with legal cannabis stores, which generally refer to weed as Flower.

The term “flower” is used as weed comes from the flower of the marijuana plant. As such, the term is practically synonymous with weed or pot to refer to dry marijuana products more formally.


Ganja is one of the longest-running nicknames used for marijuana. The word has a fascinating history which spans decades. The word comes from the Hindi language, where it was used specifically to refer to marijuana. Sources suggest the word was in use as early as 1689.

The term has been widely used throughout history. In 1856, there was even a tax for the ganja trade in Great Britain. Even in the 21st century, the term has been used in popular songs by artists such as Cypress Hill and Eminem. While the term is known worldwide, it’s particularly popular in Jamaica where it’s the most common street name for marijuana.


Pot is another nickname for marijuana that’s especially widely used in the United States. The term comes from the Spanish language and is a shortened version of “potiguaya”, a word meaning marijuana leaves. Potiguaya itself is a shortened version of “potacion de guaya”, a drink which is made using marijuana leaves along with guavas.

The name is said to have come to America via Mexican immigrants in the early 1900s and was widely used by the 1930s. Pot is still a fairly common term for marijuana.


Another term that harkens back to the early 1900s, “reefer” is an archaic term for joints or marijuana cigarettes which has negative connotations. The term was commonly used to refer to cannabis and cannabis users negatively. A good example of this can be seen in the 1936 film Reefer Madness, a propaganda film which was intended to discourage American children and teens from using marijuana.


Of all the common slang terms for marijuana, weed is the one you’re most likely to hear. Even today, many people refer to marijuana flower as “weed”. You may even hear of other marijuana products being referred to with terms like weed edibles or weed oil due to the popularity of the term.

The word itself refers to as an unwanted and undesirable plant. But despite the negative connotations, all kinds of marijuana users refer to it as “weed” in a positive way and it’s become the most widely accepted slang terms for cannabis.


There are plenty of other slang terms for marijuana, including Mary Jane, Skunk, Hash, Grass, and Herb. No matter what you call it, it’s now legally accessible all over the country and you can find it in all forms at TheLeanMill.com.

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